Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Run 121 - Way Out West

September 26, 2023

I wanted to do around 8 miles and I’m running out of neighborhoods where I can get that kind of mileage in so I drove out to the west side of the Yellowstone Country Club and parked across the way in “Falcon Ridge Estates.”  There is a small piece of country club streets that I needed to get so I did those first.  Then I crossed 62nd Street West into the new(er) subdivisions of Falcon Heights and Copper Ridge.  There is a sameness to the homes here and coupled with winding streets, a map is definitely a requirement.

I got an early start.

The country club homes that back up to 62nd Street aren’t that fancy.

But a few new ones are or are going to be.

The other street, Spaulding, has some really big homes and they back up to the golf course.

This place has a few gable ends.

Across to the next subdivision I went.

One thing I did notice was that many of the places on the southern half of the subdivision are duplexes.

They have some green space walkways.

I wonder what these cost.  I’d like one on my street.

Lots of trucks around.

Even in upscale neighborhoods, people park on the grass.

In Copper Ridge, there is a bit more diversity to the architecture.

They have a nice playground and park. 

That berm in back, between those houses, is a train track.  A coal train goes through there on occasion.  I was running at Phipps Park (up on those rims) and looked down on the train going by at about 5:45am.  A nice alarm clock.

I finished up a bit short of the predicted 8 miles but it was close enough.

Monday, September 25, 2023

Run 120 - Some Straight Roads

September 25, 2023

A beautiful and crisp morning here in Montana and hints of fall are all around.  I usually do a 4-miler on Mondays but there were these boring streets that were leftover from other runs that needed to be done so today was the day.  

Heading south on Zimmerman by the gold course.

I turned west on Broadwater.

I turned in to Heritage Circle but first had to do an out-and-back on Custer.  For some reason, it’s not paved.

Heritage Circle is, well, a circle, but with a few dead ends.

Heritage Park.

I’ve noticed that almost every cul-de-sac has a fire hydrant at the end.  This one didn’t and then I noticed this.  Hmmm, looks like a cistern so they are probably not on city water.

A mega-church went up in these folk’s backyard, blocking their western sun.

This dead end had a fire hydrant.

Back on Broadwater past a cornfield.

On Shilo where apartments are above retail shops.

I saw the other side of this park on a run last week.

Harvest done.

The pedestrian tunnel under Shilo just south of Grand.  This eliminates having to cross at the roundabout.

Grand and Zimmerman.

I got back to where I started but I had noticed on my master map that Golden Ave. between Avenue E and Grand wasn’t marked as having been run.  I thought I must have but decided to go over and look.  Nope, I don’t remember doing this end of the street so I went ahead and did it.  All it did was add some mileage.

I went about a mile more than I had planned but it felt good so why not?

Run 121 - Way Out West

September 26, 2023 I wanted to do around 8 miles and I’m running out of neighborhoods where I can get that kind of mileage in so I drove out...