Friday, June 14, 2024

Run 178 - Side streets on Hwy 3

June 14, 2024

Today’s run was almost 5 miles but I only covered maybe a mile of new streets.  These were south of Hwy 3 east of Zimmerman Trail.

Rather drive up there, I ran up Myers Trail, caught the new bike path, and picked off the streets from there.  Here’s the way up, starting on Country Club Circle.

The trailhead.

Looking down the first section of the trail.

The used to a road, a long time ago, and now it’s a single track trail.

Into the tree and rocks section.

Near the top of the trail, hidden behind a tree is this.

Looking back down Myers Trail from near the bike trail.

And looking up.  I have to climb over that fence.

Once up on the bike trail I headed west.  The first street is Sky ranch but it is marked “Private” and “No Trespassing” so I skipped it.

The next street is Stony Ridge.  It’s an out-and-back.

Masterson Circle is a loop.  We used to start the Quality of Life 5-mile race from here.

Still going west my last street is Hickok.

Hickok is an out-and-back and has some upscale homes hidden in the trees.

That was it.  Now it’s just a run back home the way I came.

I was running down Myers and looked at the trail below me and saw that a wild turkey and chicks were ahead of me.

I waited for them to take a different route before I passed them and then I ran downhill the rest of the way to my street.

It was great run under perfect weather.

Thursday, June 13, 2024

Run 177 - Some roads around the airport

June 13, 2024

I wasn’t in the mood for a long run and remembered that I this short one mapped out so it was a good choice for this morning.

The main road is Overlook Drive which is a sort of service road for the airport.  In the middle is a loop, Terminal Drive, which goes past the airport terminal and loops around one of the parking lots.

I parked on the rims in one of the new lots on the west end of the route, crossed the highway headed west to cover that end of the road first.  It’s a beautiful morning, 52° with clear skies, and no wind.

My map showed ann out-and-back on that north-south street at the end of the route but when I got there it turned left and followed the airport fence for a ways.  A truck was ahead of me and he’d let his dogs out for a run and was driving along behind them.  The road turn from asphalt to less than asphalt and I figured I’d gone farther than I needed to when he stopped and got out of his truck.  He just wanted to warn me that his dogs were basically friendly but would be barking at me a lot.  I told him I was turning around anyway so I didn’t have to test their friendliness.  

Now I headed east on Overlook.  Here are some photos from along the way.

I got off the pavement for short bit and when I got back on I heard and felt something in my shoes, something I recognized: goat heads.  I sat at a guardrail and pulled them out.

I continued on running east.

I got close to the terminal and stopped to see some jets.

On I went past the terminal.

The roundabout.

Now I’m getting back on Overlook.

I ran past Cape Air.  A friend and I flew that airline to Sidney, MT a few years ago to visit their brewery.  It was a 90 minute flight in a small plane.  We had lunch at the brewery and then flew back.

This is where I turn around.  It’s the airport’s fuel system.  In a past life I designed and built a few of these in Southern California.

Now I headed back west.

The Yellowstone County Museum is here.

This is where I turned earlier to go past the terminal. Now I just retrace my steps back to where I parked.

The run turned out a bit longer than predicted due to that road where those dogs were out for a run.

Run 178 - Side streets on Hwy 3

June 14, 2024 Today’s run was almost 5 miles but I only covered maybe a mile of new streets.  These were south of Hwy 3 east of Zimmerman Tr...